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Mens Speaker Group

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The first meeting of 2018 will be on Thursday, 11 January when Simon Oldham will give a talk about the Highland Spring factory in Blackford. He will give us an insight into the history of the plant and how the popularity of the product has grown. He will also explain how the purity of the source of the water is ensured and outline some exciting new developments.

On Thursday, 8 February, Professor Niall Logan will give a presentation about decoy sites which were developed in the West of Scotland during the Second World War to distract enemy bombers. Professor Logan is a microbiologist by profession but this talk will demonstrate his passion for local history. The talk will allow our more mature members to recollect on darker times while the younger members of the audience will be fascinated by
the efforts to defend industrial sites during the war.

Both meetings will be held in the session room and start at  7.30 pm.

All are welcome to these meetings

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