Thursday Night Group
An informal group who meet fortnightly in the Session Room from September until March. The evening begins at 7.45pm (it's not surprising that most people arrive early for a chat), we have a cup of tea or coffee before the speaker begins. The topics are varied thanks to the many talented people who accept our invitation to come as our guest.

The new session is successfully underway and as always both existing and new members will be most welcome.

Thursday Night GroupUnfortunately our meeting scheduled on 1 March was
cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. We look forward to having Shelley Batty from the Sunlite Community Cafe next session.

We were delighted to have Karen Somerville from ‘Angels Share Glass’ as our guest on 15 March. Karen and her father, Tom Young, started this business in recent times,
working from Tom’s garden studio after Tom’s retirement. So successful has this become, they have not only had to move to larger premises, they are now exporting their
specialised items to many countries throughout the world.

The Session ended with a lovely meal in Vecchia Bologna on 29 March.

It just remains for me to thank the committee and members for all their help and support, resulting in a most successful and enjoyable session. Thanks also to our excellent
Speakers for so willingly giving of their time.

Enjoy your summer break and let’s hope we have some lovely summer sunshine to look forward to. 

Please look out for details of our next syllabus in the September issue of the magazine.

Mary Gairns