From the Manse

A message from Rev. Dan Harper, September/October 2017


The school holidays have passed and the new academic year is starting,
and for us in the Church that means we have completed another
Lectionary cycle and start back at creation for the coming year’s
narrative arc through the Bible.

The Lectionary we follow, the Narrative Lectionary, gives us a broad arc
through the whole of the Bible in a year. Between September and
Christmas we move from creation stories in Genesis, through the
histories and prophecies of the Old Testament. From there we arrive at
Christmas, where we move into the Gospel accounts of the birth and
life of Christ, where we stay until Easter when we move to Christ’s
death and resurrection. Post-Easter we move into the Acts of the
Apostles and Epistles. This gives us a broader sense of the fullness of
the Bible, ensuring we do not stay where we are comfortable and we
find ourselves looking at and engaging with parts of the Bible that are
maybe difficult or not that well known.

The moving back to the creation account and going on from there and
in the start of the new school year both point to a fresh start, a new
beginning. You may have noticed on the front of this edition of the
magazine that we have moved to a bi-monthly magazine publication
rather than monthly. This is to enable those who contribute to the
magazine to focus on forward looking quality content and
communicating what is coming up. The church magazine is one of
many publications that make their way into people’s homes and for us
to continue to earn that place we have to be forward looking and the
best quality we can be.

In addition the reduction in issues, from ten to six, will also reduce the
pressure on the dedicated and greatly valued team of distributors. (And
before you think a typo has cropped up or you question my maths, our
monthly magazine only had ten issues a year. One issue a month, and
joint issues in July and August and December and January.)
The church magazine is one part of a multi-facetted communication
network we have in the Church. Via this publication, through
intimations in the orders of service and via the church website and
social media, we reach all parts of our church and parish community.

Communicating, to borrow the Guild’s motto, “who’s we are and whom
we serve” is a key part of our life as a Church. When we are doing that
correctly we provide encouragement to others and opportunities for
them to join in, and in that we are spreading the Good News.
Us all joining in and playing our part in the life of the Church is a crucial
part of our response to God. If you wish to join in with something that
you see going on or if you see a gap that you wish to fill then please
get in touch with me. At the moment there are two particular areas
that need someone to join in …

We are currently looking for someone with financial experience, or an
ability to use Excel and a willingness to learn, to join in the finance
team. If this is you then please speak to me.

And, do you wish to take part in leading aspects of worship? Reading
the Bible, leading prayers or anything else? If you feel this is something
you’d like to do then please speak to me, no experience is required and
training and support will be given.

I look forward to hearing from you

God bless